Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Food Flags

I recently made these fun food flags for my friends Bachelorette Party.  I cheated and bought the food flags already assembled -- so all I had to do was stamp onto them. The flags are made by Recollections and sold at Michael's -- they are very handy!  (You could easily cut your own paper and glue onto a tooth pick, but I was a bit pressed for time so these worked perfectly!)

I used stamps from PSA Love Birds, Happy Holidays and Just A Note.  I used my PSA Essentials stamper loaded with either grapefruit, poppy or lime ink and stamped right onto the flag.  The whole process only took a few minutes, stopping only to change my stamp die or ink. (In case you don't know how to change your die, check out this video.  To learn how to change your ink, check out this video.)

You can use the food flags for cupcake toppers, or stick in cheeses or appetizers for a festive flair during cocktails and apps!

A fun and festive way to add a little something extra to your party, these party food flags were a hit and really simple to make! 

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