Thursday, August 21, 2014

Story Stones

In honor of back to school week here in the Lowcountry, I am sharing great projects to do with your kids by our design team member, Krissy at B-Inspired Mama.  Have you seen her blog? I absolutely adore seeing her three adorable children grow up and all the exciting, educational projects she does with them.  She's a former art teacher who comes up with clever and creative projects to do on a regular basis.  She recently wrote a great post about simple ways to connect with your children after school.  I think the most important one is number 14, just BE there.  It's something that I am working on as a mother -- to be fully present in the moment with my children (no email checking, no folding laundry, no cleaning up. Just sitting down and enjoying them. It sounds easier than it actually is but is such a great goal.)  

Today I am sharing a project that Krissy created for us: DIY Story Stones.  Story Stones are a great way to get your children's imagination to run wild.  Depending on their age, ask your child to pick up two, three, four or more story stones from the basket.  Arrange them on the table and ask them to tell a story based on the pictures they see. Take turns around the table, each story will be completely unique.

Krissy first painted dozens of rocks she found in her back yard in yellow, blue, and red.  When they were dry, she used a variety of stamps by PSA Essentials and stamped onto the rocks.  She  used a crab and sailboat stamp from from Anchor's Aweigh Peel & Stick pack, a cupcake from Whimsy Cakes Peel & Stick pack, a bee from Country Home Peel & Stick pack, and many more!

I just love this idea! A fun project that you can even get the kids help on. Have them paint the rocks and help you stamp. It may just even make story telling that much more special.  

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