Sunday, August 10, 2014

DIY Cocktail Napkins

Making your own personalized or festive cocktail napkins is one of the easiest tutorials I can possibly share. It's as simple as stamping onto the napkin -- that's it.  Especially if you are using your PSA Essentials stamps and Stamper.  Load up your desired Peel & Stick stamp  -- be it a ring for an engagement party, a cupcake for a birthday party, a Christmas tree for a holiday party.... you get the point!  Then stamp onto the napkin. You will get a crisp and clean impressions every single time.

Have a color theme? Choose from a variety of our inks. We have 24 ink cartridges available, some one color and some 2-color inks.  We'd love to see your own DIY cocktail napkins! Share with us your creations on our Facebook page.

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