Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Bulletin Board

As organized as I am, my desk is a neat pile of a big mess.   A bulletin board above my desk would be a great place to pin up all the random pieces of paper, notes, reminders and bills to pay where I would see them.  But it’s got to be done creatively – no boring brown cork board for this gal.   Here are some ideas I pulled from my favorite sources of inspiration:   Pinterest and our design team member – Angie Holden.  

This is a painted cork board using turquoise paint and a stencil by from Better Homes & Gardens.   (Yes, Better Homes and Gardens – you DO need stamps!)

Our PSA Stamp Camp designer Angie Holden recently did a tutorial on her blog The Country Chic Cottage on how to design a memo board.   Read the entire process here – it’s a fantastic tutorial.  (http://www.thecountrychiccottage.net/2012/01/recovering-memo-board.html)  Skipping right ahead, here’s her end result.      

Angie also came up with a solution for a bulletin board using PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps for us.    She used her Peel & Stick stamps on fabric along with bright green ribbon perfect for tucking papers into.   She’s used a variety of PSA Essentials stamps here – I see Maxine I am Woman, Smirk Kiss Me Now, PSA Dare to Dream, and PSA Rosettas.   She used grapefruit ink, royal ink, turquoise ink, and plum purple ink from our collection of 22-ink colors.  (Did you know we had 22?! http://www.psaessentials.com/inkcolors.htm)

Here’s a close up:

Angie walks us how to do this step-by-step here.   First you will need: 
  •          Memo boar
  •      White fabric (about 1 yard)
  •     Ribbon (at least one spool)
  •     Upholstery Tacks
  •          Hot glue
  •          Stamps and Ink by PSA Essentials (of course)
  •        Covered Button Kit
  •          Scrap fabric to cover buttons
  •         Needle and thread

10 easy, step-by-step instructions to achieve this look:
  1. Cut the white fabric to size.  Leave at least 3 inches around all sides of memo board.  Cut two of these pieces.  (One plain white piece will be used under the stamped fabric so that you cannot see through the fabric)
  2. Take one piece of the white fabric and lay it on a hard, flat surface. 
  3. Stamp various quotes and decorative elements.  Use a variety of stamps and ink colors.
  4. Allow your fabric to dry completely before you touch it.
  5.  Lay your plain white piece over the memo board first, then the stamped piece.  Arrange so that your stamps will wrap around the edges.
  6. Pull the fabric to the back and hot glue into place.  Should be tight but do not stretch the fabric itself.
  7. Lay ribbon out into a cross pattern.  Start corner to corner.  Then middle to middle.  Hot glue the ends of each ribbon to hold.  Again it should be tight but not stretched.
  8. Follow up with upholstery tacks on each ribbon end.
  9. Cover buttons according to package directions.
  10. Sew buttons where ribbons meet.  Be sure to catch the fabric layer and both ribbon layers when sewing.

And ta-da!  You’ve got a neat and crafty solution to all those random pieces of paper sitting on your desk.  

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