Friday, February 3, 2012

Feelin' Moody?

Does this sound familiar?  Acted a bit nasty to a friend of yours recently?  Here’s a great card to make and send by Kim Schofield.   This is sure to lighten spirits either way!

There are many things I love about this card but mostly I love the layers of patterned paper that all lead your eye to the stamp.   And what a stamp! The Smirk Many Moods Peel & Stick stamp set by PSA Essentials is a great one for funny sentiments and characters – sure to make light of any sticky situation. 

Need to send an apology? Use – “I plead temporary insanity.”  (Only works with friends who have a good sense of humor or when you haven’t royally screwed up.)  I also love “allow me to introduce My Selves.”   So true sometimes. 

Good friends always understand that you can’t be on your game all the time.  People are real and aren’t always chipper.    Sending a card like this may just be your ticket out of hot water.   Next time you find yourself snapping at a friend, re-create this one to make up for it. 


  1. New Follower via Jamie Cripp's announcement re: PSAEssentials stamps contest! Looking forward to hearing who wins!

  2. These are great, each one can be very useful and smooth things over with a good laugh. :) Lori m