Monday, February 27, 2012

Library Cards

Remember the days when you checked out a book at the library and they wrote everything on the library card found on the inside jacket?   (Remember the days you actually went to the library and checked out a book?)

Monika Wright was inspired by these library cards and felt such twangs of nostalgia, she recreated them.   They can be used as bookmarks, gift tags, mini-books & albums, for scrapbooking, and loaner cards when you lend a book from your personal library.  My favorite idea for use is a journal for a grade-schooler to keep track of completed books.    Monika created a cover with fun patterned paper and a stamp from PSA Essentials Super Star Peel & Stick stamps, and bound them together with a simple 1-hole binder ring.

You can find this adorable and nostalgic idea on her Etsy store – I loveitall.   You will get this cute little package that’s stamped with her PSA Essentials personalized stamp on the outer ring, and the inner ring from PSA Bouquet Toss Peel & Stick.

Best of all?  This collection of 10 cards is just $1.50… now that’s good ole fashioned pricing… back like the days when they used paper library cards to check books out! Posted to:


  1. I love library cards and Monika's cover idea for them! ...perfect!

  2. I hated those library card growing up. LOL! But I love what she did with them. Cool! ;o)