Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fridge Magnets

My daughter Molly comes home with a lot of papers from school.   Maybe the teachers and administrators think the more paper and proof of “school work” she is doing, the more justified I will feel in writing her tution checks.   And she’s only 2.  Imagine how much she’ll bring home when she’s older!   PSA Stamp Camp designer Angie Holden’s daughter brings home a lot of school work, too – and Angie’s come up with a clever way to display her artistic masterpieces and her mathematical genious on the fridge with these magnets.

They’re super simple.   And I mean simple.   Just stamp from PSA Super Star using your PSA Stamper onto construction paper or cardstock.   Punch out using a 1 ½” circle punch and adhere to a closepin.   Then glue magnetic strips onto the closepin.     Angie chose to keep things easy by stamping in black ink on blue paper, but you could mix it up with different color inks or different color card stock.  Don’t forget too that coloring up your stamps really adds a lot of character to them.     Voila!   DIY magnets that look great on your fridge:  

Easy and creative - just a little touch for your fridge!  Posted to Sumo's Sweet Stuff!