Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School Week - Day 3

As I mentioned earlier in the week, going “back to school” is synonomous with household organization.   It’s almost like the words “back to school” send a message to the brain:  “NEST! NEST! NEST! Get your house organized and nest!”  So that’s what we’re doing this week at the O’Regans.  I’ve discarded outdated coupons, organized our gift card pile, cleaned out Molly’s closet and am working on donating a pile of clothes.   Phew.

Today’s organizational tip is one from Stephanie Jones last year.  She created a chore chart that’s perfect for any family and one that you can really get creative with.   She used PSA Essentials Funky Numbers on clothes pins, then wrote the chore on a piece of paper.  You can do some variations on this by assigning chores to specific people, too!  (No reason they should all go to you, right??!?)

Hope you are getting ready for back to school around your house, too and enjoying it! 

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