Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Memory Game for Kids

Mae Armstrong created a DIY memory game for kids that I adore.   Some kids have the concentration for something like this.   For others, it comes later.  Whenever it comes for your kids, try this cute idea by Mae.  She selected a handful of PSA Essentials beach related stamps from PSA Life’s A Beach and Anchors Aweigh.   She stamped the images directly onto wooden chips.  Then she added a decorative paper for the other side.  This is a quick and easy project that you can feel good about in no time.

She did five sets of wooden chips with three matching images.

 To store the game, Mae packaged the game into a recycled baby food jar.   If you wanted to turn this into a favor for a party, you could easily stamp the outside with your personalized stamp.  She stamped a tag with “Handmade with love – by Mae Armstrong.”  Crafty!

Her kids tried the game out (they apparently DO have the concentration for this game!) and they loved it.  Here are Ryan and Will playing Mae’s DIY memory game for kids!

With all the rain in Raleigh, NC they’ve had this summer, this is a great indoor, educational activity.   And they did it together!  Great work Mae. 

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