Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beachside Dinner & Entertaining

I tried out a great summer menu of shrimp ceviche, red cabbage slaw, and grilled corn on Sunday night for Molly and Mike.   It’s the perfect combination of fresh flavors for a hot summer evening and is ideal for a dinner party since everything is made in advance except for the corn.   Molly and I spent Saturday afternoon chopping cabbage (obviously I was the one with the knife – she mostly watched), squeezing lemons, limes and oranges (a good job for her), peeling shrimp and mixing everything up.   Here she is.. working hard!

On Sunday, we just pulled everything out of the fridge to eat after a long day of swimming at the pool.   Easy, beautiful AND delicious!  

To go along with this menu for a dinner party, you might want a fun table set up – like this one by Angie Holden.  She created a napkin ring holder using the beach chair/umbrella stamp from PSA Life’s A Beach. 

She stamped onto a circular piece of fabric with her PSA Stamper loaded with Turquoise Blue ink and set it with hairspray.   Check out the place setting complete with a shell – isn’t it perfect?  Your guests are sure to enjoy this meal and also feel welcome with this setting. 

 I love summer entertaining!  Now I just have to find the time… Or my guests have to be brave enough to be around my 3 year old and 10 week old…What are you cooking up this summer?  

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