Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Week - Day 4

Today’s our last day of Back to School Week and I’ve been sharing a few organizational household things you can do to get ready for the craziness when school is back in session.  Today’s idea will get you organized with all of your kid’s school papers and everything they bring home.  Start by getting a basket,  8.5 x 11” folders in varying colors, and then get stamping with your PSA Essentials stamps.    Get creative with our stamps – use the Funky Numbers as Jamie Cripps did for different “periods” at school, the A+ stamp from Super Star to save work that you are really proud of, and another precious folder “Keep” from “Keep it up” on Super Star.    You can even create folders for yourself from “Mom’s Calendar” and “Date Night” for your own files. 

This makes organizing all those papers a little bit more fun, doesn’t it? 

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