Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My favorite project yet…

I am boldly stating that today's project is my favorite received to date from our design team.  With all the amazing work that we receive, it's has to be pretty good – right?  See for yourself.  This gift tag set is by Jennifer Holmes.  These are the reasons it earns the spot as my favorite project to date:

  • Great use of PSA Rosetta stamps. The repetition shows how versatile they can be in creating patterns and textures. Adding a pink gem to the center is a fun touch
  • Beautiful use of die cutting. It frames the stamps perfectly and creates more visual interest that a 2" round punch
  • Use of fonts. I love the way she's italicized certain words for emphasis
  • Who doesn't love fuchsia and grey? The pink stamps are JUMPING off the page with the contrast.
  • It's well-executed. Though stamping with PSA Stamper IS easy, to achieve that kind of precision and to line up the Rosettas so well DOES take effort. This wasn't done carelessly or quickly.
  • I love a series of work!

Love them so much, they all deserve to shine.

Supply Spotlight:  Stamps:  PSA Essentials - Frenchie Peel & Stick,  Rosettas Peel & Stick.  Sentiments & Border frame: PaperTrey Ink   Paper:  PaperTrey Ink.  Embellishments: Rhinestones from Michael's


  1. So cute!! Love Simple but Fabulous!

  2. This is sooooo cute!! I love this color combination!! :)