Friday, March 4, 2011

Repurposed and Recycled Material Crafts

Guessing you have heard the term "going green." Well it's not just about recycling your tin cans and composting your kitchen. You can also go green with your crafts! Who better to show us how than our design team member (and resident hippy), Jennifer Witmer! Her work will certainly beg your question: "are you sure that's recycled?" The answer is: YES!

Let's start out with her double-green project. She's taken a used soup can (properly cleaned out, I am sure) and planted oregano. She's stamped using the PSA Country Home Peel & Stick stamp set. She chose the garden watering can and bee. She's also the stamped the letters "OREGANO." How cute, right? Looks great in my kitchen – thanks Jen! It's double green because now I can take a sprig here and there for cooking. No need to go to the store for expensive herbs with lots of packaging.

Up next, she's created a magazine holder using a cereal box, some recycled magazines and contact paper. When she was telling me about her crafts for this project, she was saying how she kept telling her husband to save various pieces of trash. He thought she was nuts but the projects turned out great. She's stamped here using PSA Little Bunny. Adorable! I will be returning soon so Elliott can store some books in his room.

Lastly, she created this spectacular card out of magazines. She says she's not a card maker by choice but I think she could reconsider. With a background in graphic design, you can see how well she lays out a card. She's stamped using PSA Rosettas and colored it up.

Tell us about any recycled crafts that you've done! We'd like to hear your stories today.

Supply Spotlight:
Tin Can Pot:    PSA Country Home Stamps, Espresso ink.  Other:  Soup can-nail holes in bottom for draining, rocks, herb & soil, Paper bag,  raffia
Craft Box:  PSA Little Bunny Stamps, Espresso Ink.    Other:  Cereal box, Spray paint, Contact paper, ribbon.   
Valentine Card:  PSA Rosetta Stamps, Black ink.  Assorted paper scraps, ribbon, Magazine images

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