Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Barbie Pool Party

My daughter, Molly's, six birthday hit me like a ton of bricks! She starts first grade tomorrow and it's hard to believe my once-so-tiny first born child is not so tiny anymore. She's far to grown up and all I want to do is turn the clock back and do the last six years all over again -- or at least freeze this age in time.  (How did I end up to be that parent spouting such cliches?!)  

I confess that as a mother, I really don't like Barbie's. They represent nothing good; they chase Ken around, wear ridiculous clothes and inappropriate shoes, their skirts are too short, and they seem to value "dream houses" and "glam campers", other possessions and superficial looks.  The movies are downright awful and my daughter sounds instantly less intelligent after watching one.  Truly, I do not think it's a great message for young girls.  But Molly is SO into them and the more I dig in my heels, the stronger her affinity for these plastic creatures becomes. I conceded that she could have a Barbie and I could put signs out with positive girl messages. "True beauty lies within," "People. Not things." She said I was embarrassing. (How am I already that parent, too?)  We also asked guests to bring donations to Feeding America, and not bring presents. The idea took some getting used to but ultimately, she really enjoyed seeing money and checks for children in need. 

I am so pleased to share that we raised at least $170.00 in donations! (Many guests contributed directly and amounts weren't specified, so in reality, it was more!)  The party was so special and turned out to be a good balance of what she wanted and what I value (and hope she does, too!)  

Of course, I used my PSA Essentials Peel & Stick and personalized stamps and worked on some party details like hats, paper straws, CD favors, candy bag favors, and "pizza flags."

Each year, I make a canvas with the number that she's turning and photos from each month of that year. This "6" canvas turned out to be my best one yet! 

Party time! Hooray for my cousin, Sarah, being there from Asheville. Love this girl! 

I had a cake disaster.  I vacillate between crying and laughing on this one and had to remind myself many times that it's just a 6th birthday party!  What was truly important was being with Molly and all of our family and friends! (The adults made lots of jokes that she had too much Chardonnay!) 

Good friends and family helped clean it up and saved me from more ridiculous tears! Grandpa picked up a new ones quickly from Kroger and Gma, Cousin Sarah and Jenni saved the cake so we've been eating it even though it's not so pretty.

Swimming time!

We had pizza from New York City Pizza in Bluffton. 

Slightly over the top but really fun and played into the theme, we had a manicurist come from my favorite Bluffton Nail Salon, The Pink Polish, and she painted the girls nails.

Cake time!

And then when it was time to sing and everyone was singing, my Barbie-girl Molly got very humble and almost embarrassed. She curled right in to me and was nervous! 

(PS. There's my third child, Parker!)

And more time to party! Most all of our favorite people were there to celebrate. 

And the best picture of all?  This one is it below. We are so incredibly lucky to have both sets of grandparents that are so instrumental in my children's lives.  They are the greatest and Molly is really blessed. 

Happy 6th Birthday, Molly! (P.S. we did get here a few presents that she was excited to open today!) Thanks so much for all the donations to Feeding America and a great party, all!