Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Celebrations

We had a blast celebrating Halloween Saturday night!  Though I love all holidays and special occasions, and usually celebrate with gusto, Halloween is one of my favorites. Seeing the kids dressed up, creative party foods, and of course, Halloween crafts all make the day exciting. Here's a look at our Halloween celebration with our friends, The Bradfords and Matiks.

I set the dinning room table for the adults. I created place cards using my PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps - from PSA Haunted Shack and UBU Happy Halloween. I also made wine tags and food flags with my stamps.

I had fun setting the kids table, too. I rounded up all sorts of favors and treats to place on the table to keep the kids entertained. From finger tattoos to creepy sound machines... there was plenty to do besides eat.

Mike and Matt always dress up. Mark, who is new to our celebrations, didn't.... wonder if he will next year.  I sprayed my hair purple and wore a pin.... that was the extend of my costume.

(I was extra proud of my Pinterest copied ghosts and bananas!) How cute are the kids this year? Connor was a policeman, Parker was a skelleton, Molly was an angel, and Ethan was a ninja.

When we got back, the kids counted their candy and the adults checked it, then it was time for a fire in our new firepit and of course, because the Bradford's were there, we had to have fireworks!

And for the grand finale, we went to the front.. The kids are ready.... Mike lights and runs...

And we conclude the evening watching the Mets on TV.  What a great Halloween!