Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gift Tags

Allow me to rag on my darling local friends. When they give gifts, they don't give cards. They just give a gift, then they say: "Sorry no card." I am not sure when people stopped giving cards, I guess the gift is what people really care about, and the card tends to get thrown out. (Unless you are me who keeps boxes of every card I have ever received). Do you think I could get people to give gifts with tags instead? I love these ideas from our design team member, Kelley Eubanks.

She created tag which at first glance seems relatively simple. Here's a common thread with Kelley's work. Though typically clean and simple, Kelley's work is actually fairly intricate. She's taken the time to die cut the tag using her Spellbinders dies. Then she's changed the ink cartridge on the same PSA Rosetta's stamp three times. Not a big deal, but requires thought and time and isn't rushed. It's also centered perfectly on the tag. The pearls and the bakers twine are excellent finishing touches.

Kelley also created this tag, perfect to adhere to a Mother's Day gift. Again - first glance it seems simple – but look closer. She's colored in the flowers, adhered a pearl, punched, and layered. Love the color choices of pastels.

Tell me your thoughts today on Kelley's work! Do you give cards when you give a gift? Do you make your own tags?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

While Memorial Day often means pool parties, barbeques and the unofficial start to summer, let us not forget that the day is intended to honor members of our military who died in service. Serving in the military is something I can't imagine doing myself. I am not brave enough, I am scared just walking to my car in the grocery parking lot at dusk.

I have three friends who have served – Justin Berauskus, Eric Donahue, and Rollo Begley. When they were in Iraq or Afghanistan, I prayed for their safe return often. Home now, the sad reality is that not all our soliders make it home. Today I'd like to take a moment to honor those brave men and women who serve, and also those who have passed away in service.

Here are some patriotic cards to share by three talented designers, Tami Mayberry, Carly Robertson & Anthonette Chavez.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ & Blog Candy

Memorial Day seems to be synonymous with a barbeque. Is it just me or does everyone have a giant cheesburger and homemade potato salad on this holiday? I sure do. Looking forward to my mom's baked beans, too. She puts bacon and brown sugar in them. She also puts egg in potato salad, which I find a real asset. I am getting sidetracked, aren't I?

Our very talented design team member Mara Campbell came up with a series of projects, perfect for anyone throwing a Memorial Day (or summer) BBQ. You may remember that Mara's knack is for creating a series of cards or a suite of projects. She is excellent and creating coordinating items. Up first, she created an invitation. I love her use of patterned paper, the twine from The Twinery, and of course – the chair & umbrella stamp from PSA Life's A Beach Peel & Stick™ stamps. She also used Red Holiday Ink in her PSA Stamper. Funny – I always think of that particular ink for Christmas, but it's great to see it for summer holidays!

She also created buffet table cards. I could write: "Mom's baked beans", "Homemade Potato salad", "Creamy coleslaw", "apple pie", and all of my favorites. Wouldn't it look fantastic on a checkered red and white table cloth, with food abundant?   I just love the crisp black and white impression of the stamps against the white and red/patterned paper.

Here's another thing I think is quite genious. Treat bags! Make some homemade cookies, put them in these adorable bags, and send them home with guests who are too full to enjoy immediately. Mara's used the same stamps to keep things unified.

Use these little flags in cupcakes, or stick in drinks. How festive!

Lastly, Mara created a banner to display in the kitchen, dining room, or even outside by the pool. A banner makes any party more exciting and a homemade banner is so personal!

I told you she was fantastic at creating a cohesive group of projects! Let us know what you think today!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buy a custom stamp now!

I figured I wouldn't mince any words.   This deal is really good... it merits this post!

If you've been eyeing a custom PSA Essentials stamp for awhile now but holding back because of price, here's a great opportunity. Our friends at Rossomer Square are giving a very generous THIRTY PERCENT (30%) OFF all PSA Essentials products. PSA Essentials will also give a FREE PEEL & STICK PACK "Life's A Beach" with the purchase of a custom stamp. Visit: Rossomer Square and enter 1825PSA at checkout for this promotion. Hurry though! It only lasts until Sunday, 5/29/11 at 11.59 MDT.

Which custom style will you choose? My favorite is the Christi!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Press, Press & More Press

Over the next 7 months, if you open the glossy pages of CardMaker, Paper Crafts, Paper Creations, Cricut, and Cards Magazines, you will see PSA Essentials cards a whopping 57 times! Our truly exceptional design team has created 4th of July, Baby, Bridal, Country Western, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Thank-you and Birthday cards galore. Editors of these esteemed craft publications chose these designs to appear over thousands of others. It's definitely something to be proud of!

We are also gaining some attention of some high profile bloggers. We were featured on Tatertots and Jello on Monday, 5/23 and The Girls at 1825 this week. Friday, be sure to check out Amy Anderson & Mod Podge Rocks. She will be creating projects using both PSA & Mod Podge. She's adorable, enthusiastic and completely talented. Be sure to check it out.

Between these summer issues of CardMaker, Paper Creations and Card Creations Volume 9 by Paper Crafts, we have 10 cards inside. Pick the issues up at newsstands now or head over to Facebook for a peak.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Recap

If you've been reading PSA Stamp Camp for the last few months, you already know all about Susan and Luke getting married on May 21st.    Half a dozen posts were devoted to the couple, from the engagement party, couples shower, invites, and bachelorette party.  All of those events lead up to one of the best weddings I have ever been to.  Here is a recap of The DeLano wedding.

In a word, it was REAL.  No, not surreal.  Real.  It was the most authentic and genuine wedding I have ever been to.  The evening was truly about two people who are madly in love, wanting to share and celebrate with their family and friends.  It took place in Lenox, Massachusetts.  The ceremony and reception in the home where she grew up in, set against the gorgeous Berkshire Mountains.

With her two best friends Laura and Becca, she dressed in her gown in the room she slept in for almost 20 years.  The ceremony performed by a family friend in the garden, Susan wearing a slightly altered version of her mother's wedding dress.

We feasted on the tastiest smoked turkey, beef tenderloin, ham, smoked salmon, tomatoes and mozzarella, homemade potato salad, Italian meats and the most luxurious tray of cheeses you ever did see.  Cake was forgone and served instead was a giant cannoli.  Guests stuffed ricotta deliciousness into their own!  We drank oodles of wine (with a picture of Susan & Luke on the exterior) and danced for hours and hours in the living room.

Bridezillas everywhere please take note.  It's not about engraved invitations, having the reception at the Plaza, wearing Vera Wang, the sushi bar or the chocolate fondue fountain.  It really is all about the two people getting married and having the night of your life with close friends and family. 

Mike and I sure did have fun!  Thanks Susan & Luke and congrats to you.  Have fun in Greece!

Two great cards

Today I have two great cards to share. Julia Aston is a former member of our design team and she made these for our HSN debut back in February. I have made it clear that I love Julia's style. It's really unlike any of our other designers.  I have a hard time pin pointing why I say that, I think it's because it's vintage-looking, but her designs are uniquely Julia's. I miss her!

This "Thinking of You" card breaks out of the traditional 4 x 6 mold – it's long and rectangular. The pinwheel offset to the left and the "thinking of you" sentiment is balanced perfectly. I love how the Rosetta stamp is featured so prominently. I am also enjoying the scalloped pattern paper and the lace ribbon. And, you know I love the blue and yellow! (GO BLUE)

Julia also created this "she who has the most shoes wins" card. (A great one to send to a friend for a note!) This card has an antique quality, the color of the paper does that. The way she's layered and framed the papers using her Spellbinders Nestabilities brings in a professional element to the card. And the crinkled bow adds a fun touch.

Let us know what you think of these cards today!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bridal Week, Day 5

Tomorrow my good friend's Susan and Luke are getting married in Susan's hometown of Lenox, MA. I am thrilled to be up here in Massachusetts for the wedding and traveling with our friends from Hilton Head. As you've seen all week long, we have showcased great ideas for using your PSA Essentials Peel & Stick™ stamps for weddings. Today is no exception. I have some gorgeous cards by Melyssa Connolly to share, perfect for congratulating the couple.

Up first is a card using stamps from PSA Mr. & Mrs. Peel & Stick. I love Melyssa's style, she tends to lean on the shabby chic side and uses a lot of patterned papers, ribbons, and techniques. The pink, black and white, with the contrasting turquoise twine from The Twinery is just perfect. I also like how Melyssa incorporates newsprint into her designs. I did this a lot in art school. It used to be "my thing."

This card is great to send or bring to the couple at the wedding. The wedding bells are stamped from Mr. & Mrs. The outer ring "xoxo" is from PSA Bouquet Toss. Great example of how interchangeable PSA stamps are!

She created a "Save the Date" card, too.  

Check back Monday for a photo recap of Susan & Luke's wedding! Tomorrow's the day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bridal Week, Day 4

What's your favorite candy? I have two favorites. Twix bars and M&M's. I also really like 100 Grand, but now I am getting carried away - I said favorite and I already listed two. Today I'm sharing a few ideas for favors at a wedding or your next birthday, or whenever you feel you need a real WOW.

Have you seen personalized M&M's? They are just about the most superfluous way you can spend your hard earned dollars, but also just about the cutest. Sure to bring a "WOW!" to your guests mouth. Check out this website: http://www.mymms.com/utility.aspx. You can choose your M&M colors, choose your clip art, add text, and even add a photo! Then you get to choose from a variety of expensive packages, but c'mon!

Melyssa Connolly came up with some really cute ideas for M&M cards! Her assignment last month for PSA Stamp Camp design team was to use PSA Gigi Monograms, our newest Peel & Stick collection. Funny that this is was her take on it – I think she was inspired by the small casual "m" – it does resemble the M's in M&M's. Can you see sending this to a little kid for their birthday, or a whimsical thank-you or hello to an adult?

Who wants a tutorial on how to make? I have one for you today – provided by Melyssa, complete with images!   Thank-you to Melyssa for taking the time to create this tutorial.

Step 1. Punch the following circle sizes from cardstock:
1-3" (colour of M&M), 1-2" (white), 2-1" (white), 1-1" (colour of M&M)
and 2- 0.25" (black)

Step2. Cut the 2" white and 1" colour circle in half.

Step 3. Glue the 0.25" black circles onto the 1" white circles. Do not centre the black, place it close the bottom.

Step 4. Glue the 1" colour circle that you cut in half over the top of the eyes.

Step5. Cut 4-2"x0.25" strips in cream cardstock.

Step 6. Glue the strips onto the feet and hands.

Step 7. Emboss the Monogram M in white onto the M&M belly.

Step 8.
Add a smile,eyebrows and some blush. I used pink chalk for the cheeks.

Will you be making these cute cards?   Or ordering personalized M&M"s?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bridal Week, Day 3

Today I have some cute cards to send to a bride & groom by our talented design team member, Melyssa Connolly. Melyssa has used PSA Monogram collection, letters "M" and "C", and the very cute "&" to make personalized note cards here. The Monograms really do allow you to get personal without getting personalized. It's true that sometimes you just don't have the time to wait for a personalized stamp to be made, you need it right away!

Check out this beautiful card:

Up next, she's used the "C" from the PSA Monogram collection. Adorable!

Nothing says wedding like the PSA Monogram collection. Have you seen our video?

Let us know what you think of it here today.    4 days until Susan & Luke's wedding!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridal Week, Day 2

I could have had a career in wedding planning.   A few years ago, I looked at ditching the architecture firm I was at and seriously considered opening a business down in Hilton Head planning weddings.   Then I realized that meant I would have to work really hard on the weekends during my favorite time of year (Spring, Summer and Fall).   Call me lazy, but I don't love planning weddings enough to give up my weekend time with my family.   And then I thought harder and realized  I'd have to work with demanding and difficult brides.  Scratch that idea. 

Kim Moreno created this invitaiton for a casual wedding.   I'm pretty sure Mike would have forbid me to choose this shade of bubble gum pink, but there are plenty of brides that get away with it.  She stamped the wedding bells from PSA Mr. & Mrs.   What I like about this invitation the most is the scallopped edges.   She's used a fun punch to create interest. 

Wouldn't these flowers be perfect for this wedding?  I love rannuculus! Chelsea Fuss at Frollic made these.

Chelsea Fuss also directed me to this May's issue of Saveur.   Strawberry cake would fit nicely in this wedding.  (See, I can fantasy plan in blogland and no working Saturday nights!)

Kim created a coordinating "Thank-you card" to her invitation and stamped with PSA Rosettas.

She also created this favor box.   Stick some chocolates inside or local goodies and your guests go home happy.   She stamped from PSA Rosetta Peel & Stick™ and PSA Archive Peel & Stick™. 

What colors would you choose for your wedding?  (Or did you choose?)  Let us know today!   5 more days until Susan & Luke's wedding!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bridal Week – Day 1

Susan & Luke - getting married this Saturday!

It's true I love all things wedding. I still read wedding blogs, flip through wedding magazines at the grocery store, and don't even get me started talking about the Royal Wedding… In honor of my friend Susan's wedding this Saturday 5/21, I am showcasing what you can do with your PSA Essentials custom stamps and Peel & Stick™ designs this week. Our talented team of designers came up with some great ideas. 

Anthonette Chavez created a Save the Date using the very handy "Save the Date" stamp from PSA Bouquet Toss Peel & Stick. She typeset "Andrea & Joshua" and information, printed it on a picture, adhered to cardstock, & stamped. This is something that anyone can do! You do not have to be a professional crafter here. Easy and adorable!

It's important to have a coordinating invitation with your save the date, and even better when the colors of your wedding coordinate with all of your stationery. Anthonette created a matching invitation to her save the date, both set the tone for the style of the wedding. I love the twine, ribbon, pearls and stamped cake.

Have you been to a wedding with a guest photo booth? It was on my list to have at our wedding but ultimately got cut as costs started skyrocketing. I've seen such great party photos of people at a wedding photo booths– like this one I just found online. They are always so funny and really spice up your albums when contrasted to your formal wedding pictures.

Anthonette created a sign to point guests in the right direction, should you be lucky enough to have a photo booth. She stamped the "love" red heart from PSA Bouquet Toss.

Anthonette created a favor bag. Add some chocolates or local delicacies inside. She took a lot of care in coloring in the stamped wedding cake!

I love how the Twinery twine and PSA Stamps coordinate in each project and ties everything together. Let us know what you think today!

Supply spotlight:
  1. Stamps: Bouquet Toss, Mr. and Mrs. (PSA Essentials) , Paper: Kraft (CA Paper Goods), white (Papertrey Ink), photo paper (HP), Ink: Espresso Brown (PSA Essentials), Tools: 1.75" circle punch (Stampin' Up), computer…added text to photo using Picasa, printer (HP), Other: Copic markers (R29, BG72), Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
  2. Stamps: Mr. and Mrs. (PSA Essentials), Paper: kraft (CA Paper Goods), white (Papertrey Ink), white matte brochure paper (HP), Ink: Espresso Brown (PSA Essentials), Tools: computer with free wedding invitation download (http://www.downloadandprint.com/invitation-template-modern-lace/), printer (HP), Other: Copic markers (E57, R29, BG72), Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, baker's twine (Etsy), foam tape (3M), Decorative Pearls (Joy Crafts), Woven Lace Ribbon (Hero Arts)
  3. Stamps: Bouquet Toss (PSA Essentials), Paper: white (Papertrey Ink), Kraft (CA Paper Goods), White Matte Brochure Paper (HP), Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black (Tsukineko), Tools: Crop-a-Dile (We R Memory Keepers), Computer and this free sign download (http://www.weddingchicks.com/freebies/wedding-signs-labels/photo-booth-sign/), Other: Copic marker (R29), foam tape (3M), Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, baker's twine (Etsy), eyelets (Making Memories)
  4. Stamps: Mr. and Mrs. (PSA Essentials), Paper: white (Papertrey Ink), Kraft (Stampin' Up), Ink: Espresso Brown (PSA Essentials), Tools: Silhouette digital cutter with Scalloped Favor Bag design, 1 ¾" circle punch (Stampin' Up), Other: Copic markers (R29, BG72), foam tape (3M), Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, baker's twine (Etsy), redline tape