Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sip & See Invitation

Until I moved to the south, I had never heard of a "Sip and See."   This party is thrown in honor of the mother and baby after the baby is born so that everyone can meet the baby.  It's a post-delivery shower if you -- will with less of a focus on gifts.  If it's a second, third or more child, it makes a lot of sense to me since you probably already have many of the things you need before the baby is born.  Guest "sip" on champagne or sparkly water and get to "see" the baby!  At the ones I have been to, the mom's do not open presents in front of guests.  What a relief for both mom and guest!

My mother held a Sip & See in Boston for both of my children.  A few months after both Molly and Connor were born, we all flew up to Boston for a visit and to show off the kiddos.  Here was Molly's Sip and See invitation by Peekaboo Pumpkin.

When sending the invitations, I switched out my Wallace personalized stamp for the "A star is born" middle from the PSA Carriage Peel & Stick pack.  This Peel & Stick pack is perfect for a baby!  We also switched up the ink for a pop of color.

The party was fabulous.  My mom hosted over 70 people to meet Molly at their neighborhood clubhouse.

When it came time for Connor's Sip & See in Boston, we ordered from Swanky Press.

We switched out the middle of our PSA Essentials Wallace personalized stamp and used the duck from PSA Carriage.   I also changed out my ink for black and lime.  Changing the ink is super easy!

The party was so much fun, Connor got to meet a lot of my friends from high school and dozens of my mom's friends.

Have you been to a Sip & See?  Don't you love the idea?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crafty Ways to use Peel & Stick stamps

Welcome to PSA Stamp Camp Expressionery blog readers!  Thanks for visiting this blog where we showcase crafty ways to use our PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps every weekday.  We have a talented team of designers who create cards, scrapbook pages, parties, home decor and other DIY projects.  Today, I'll share 5 of my favorite Spring & Easter crafty projects done with our Peel & Stick stamps.

First watch our video to understand what Peel & Stick is all about.  You can use Peel & Stick designs with our personalized stamps, with our stamper, or with an acrylic block.

Now check out 5 crafty projects with Peel & Stick.   The first is a card by Carly Robertson. She's created this beautiful Mother's Day card using PSA Topiary Peel & Stick stamps. Read more about how she created the card here.

The second favorite crafty project using PSA Peel & Stick is this scrapbook layout by Kim Schofield.  She uses PSA Topiary Peel & Stick for the eggs here.   You can read more about how she created this layout here.

My third favorite project is a crafty, DIY project that Mae Armstrong did for Easter.   She also used PSA Topiary Peel & Stick pack  Read more about her crocheted eggs here.

Another of my favorite crafty projects is by Ginger Bowie.  This idea is so easy and would make a great Mother's Day gift.   Ginger's used our PSA Monogram Peel & Stick stamps to create her own coasters.  Read more about how to create this here.

Lastly is a fun idea for DIY headband by Krissy.  She's used PSA Rosetta Peel & Stick pack to create a headband for her daughter!  Read more about how to create it here.

And there you have it!  Just 5 crafty ways to use our Peel & Stick stamps.  See all of our stamp designs here!  And be sure to browse through some of our other posts for more great ideas.   Thanks for visiting from The Expressionery blog and thanks to all of our loyal PSA Stamp Camp readers.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Stationery

There have been a few events in my life where I have been completely blown away by my family and friends generosity.  When Mike & I were married for example, we received an abundance of gifts.  When Molly and Connor were born, we were showered with the things we needed (and a lot of luxuries we didn't need but loved!) We are extremely fortunate.  

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with people's generosity. Almost embarrassed by it.  How can I repay someone for being so thoughtful?  For me, it's a heartfelt thank you card.  As a true stationery lover, part of the fun of my thank you note is the stationery itself.  And I love baby and kids stationery!  I could spend hundreds.  I found this great photo thank you at Tiny Prints

Of course, I dressed up my envelopes with my personalized Wallace stamp.  I changed up my ink color to match the stationery (like anyone is going to notice but me! but it does add an extra touch and changing it up is so easy!

I'm no Peggy Post, but I have been told I write a good thank you note! Here are a few of my tips: 
  1. Thank the gift-giver for their specific gift.  (Don't say: "Thanks for the gift." Say: "Thanks for Sofie the Giraffe!" 
  2. Include why you like the gift, or how you will use it.  ("Sofie the giraffe is the #1 teething and baby toy! We know Connor is really going to love it when his teeth come in!  Right now he looks cute cuddled next to it!) 
  3. Take the time to write a letter.  Give tidbits about your life or happenings in your day.  ("We are loving being new parents but are totally exhausted. Connor is awake every 2 hours.  I hope it ends soon!) People like to hear more about you! 
  4. Write something personal about the gift-giver.  ("I hope Mandy & Mia are doing well in school and enjoying soccer season.  We hope to see you guys in Bluffton this summer!") 
  5. Write 2 or 3 a day if you have a lot to do.  Because I believe that the reader knows when you have written 10 or 20 before that one.  You just sound bored by that point! 
Isn't this card adorable? I just loved it! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a note

Sending a card "just because" is one of the kindest gestures there is.  In a sea of bills, junk mail, and catalogs a piece of mail is like finding a buried treasure.  I really like inspirational quote cards from The Fridge Door. They have hundreds of simple cards with quotes from famous authors, musicians, politicians, and more.  There's a quote for every occasion.  Now imagine sending a friend a "never never never give up" card when she's going through a hard time.  Wouldn't that just lift her spirits?

When sending cards like this, use your personalized address stamp and switch out your middle.  It's that added touch that makes receiving that letter even more special.  I used my personalized Wallace stamp and switched out my middle for "just a note" from the Just A Note Peel & Stick pack by PSA Essentials.  It's cute, right? 

Check out how crisp and clear the impressions are, too! 

As you can see, there really is a switchable middle for every occasion even "just because."  Find more ideas on switching your middles with my last few posts and see more this week!  I'm on a roll! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bridal Shower Tea

I was lucky enough to have two bridal showers. One in Winchester, MA where friends and family who lived up north could attend and one down here in Hilton Head so my southern friends could attend.   My "southern shower" was hosted by my mom's two closest friends here: Dayle & Dani.   They threw an incredible event! Dayle was very tuned into my color scheme of the wedding and every detail was reflected.   The two of them were incredibly generous to host such a great event.

4 of my 7 bridesmaids were there including my sister-in-laws Meghan and Betsy, and 20 other very good friends. 

I recently dug up my invitation to share and recreated some envelopes to show how you can do a bridal shower invitation using our personalized stamps and switchable middles. 

I started with my PSA Essentials Wallace personalized stamp and switched out my middle for the umbrella in Bouquet Toss (for a bridal shower!)

I also changed up the black ink which comes already assembled inside your stamp for the orange and poppy ink cartridge.  This takes just 10 seconds and is easy as can be.  Watch here if you want to see how its done. 

What a great event!  I hope you are enjoying the series on switchable middles and seeing how there really is a switchable middle for every occasion.  It makes sending your invitations and events even more special! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bridal Shower Tea

Part of the fun when you are engaged is that everyone makes a lot of fuss about you.  Parties are about YOU! My mother in law joked to me at my bridal shower by saying:  "enjoy it now Libby, this is the last time it will ever be about you."   I thought it was a strange joke but there is some truth to it.  Now I plan parties for my kids and even my birthday I spent taking my 3-year old to another 3-year old birthday party.  Who's complaining? Not me. I wouldn't have it any other way.  I've been looking back at special events in my life as part of my series on our PSA Essentials Switchable Middles.  There's one for every occasion - including bridal showers!

The first bridal shower I had was hosted by my mom's three best friends in Winchester, Carol, Heidi and Meta.  These three women have been in my life growing up.  It was so special that they threw such a beautiful party for me.   It was gorgeous!   The theme was a bridal shower tea.

The invitation to the event was beautiful.  I recently recreated my invitation and switched out my middle of my Wallace personalized stamp for the tea cups in PSA Frenchie Peel & Stick pack to show how you could do a really cute invitation for a bridal shower tea. 

I even matched my ink to the invitation by choosing brown and turquoise ink.  Changing your middle is easy and switching your ink cartridge is even easier.   Watch these videos if you aren't sure!

I hope you are enjoying the series on Switchable Middles and seeing that there really is a middle for EVERY occasion!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beach Wedding

I wanted an elegant beach wedding.  When working with my wedding planner and my mom (because, let's be real: Mike had virtually no say in the event!) those were my buzz words.  It was held at the Westin in Hilton Head in the oceanside pavilion which was transformed beautifully with gold chavari chairs, tea lights, white twinkly lights, beautiful greens and flowers.  The colors I chose for my wedding were navy, gold and peach.

I wore a Vera Wang gown and my bridesmaids wore J. Crew bridesmaids dresses in navy.

The guys wore khaki pants from The Gap and peach ties from Brooks Brothers.

Every detail turned out exactly how I envisioned it.  This gorgeous photography is by Mark Staff.  He's a world class photographer and I am completely obsessed with his work!

Jackie Lacey was our event planner.  Killer wedding planner!  This guy has more credentials after his name than a doctor does.  (I just looked up his profile on Linkedin)

The invitation was from Fine and by William Arthur.  I chose to have this engraved as opposed to letter pressed or thermo printed.   My mom and I laugh about this as an expense we could have cut but being a printmaking major in college, I treasure the plates I have of the invitation.   The invitation  coordinated perfectly with my save the date.

I recently recreated some envelopes for my wedding invitation to show how great our PSA Essentials personalized stamps and Peel & Stick designs are for weddings.  Switch out your middle for a wedding cake, or two champagne glasses toasting, or wedding bells.  I used the switchable middle pack "Mr & Mrs." here.

We have several bridal themed Peel & Stick packs to choose from.   Switching out your middles on your personalized stamp is easy (video here again if you don't know!) and makes return addressing super easy and efficient.   You can really add a bit of flair to your envelopes too - making them even more special.

Our wedding was exactly the elegant beach wedding I was looking for and a day to be remembered forever!

Hope you are enjoying the blog series on switchable middles!  There really is one for every occasion, isn't there?