Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stamped Pumpkins

With school back in session full time and a very busy after-school schedule, The O'Regan's have been on the go all September! We are taking some time to slow down and enjoy the season, which for me and the kids means spending time working on seasonal projects and crafts.  Yesterday afternoon we painted, stamped (and Connor washed...) mini-pie pumpkins to kick start Fall.

I set up the kitchen table with a few colors of paint, acrylic blocks and PSA Essentials UBU Happy Halloween stamps and Inks, and let them get creative. Molly chose to paint a stripped pattern of black and white, add various UBU Happy Halloween stamps and draw a "scary face" on her pumpkin. Connor chose to mix all the colors up, paint it solid, and then wash off the paint with a sponge. Cleaning is one of his favorite things to do...  Here's a peek at our afternoon of stamping and painting pumpkins!  Looking for an after-school toddler/little kid project? This was a lot of fun!

Quite honestly, the "after" shot of the pumpkins aren't necessary. I bet you can tell how they turned out.... the important thing is the activity, not the end result - and they had a great time. So we have some really ugly painted/washed pumpkins lying around but who cares?

Happy Fall! I look forward to sharing more stamping adventures this season!