Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our HSN debut: February 1st

Exciting news to share! PSA Essentials is going to be sold on The Home Shopping Network on February 1st! 

My “On-Air Guest Welcome Packet” arrived.   (I will be the one interacting with the host, demonstrating how to use the stamper, Peel & Stick designs and inks, and showcasing what you can do with PSA Peel & Stick stamps!)  Our design team has been working for several weeks preparing really amazing designs for us to use.   Now it’s time I get myself ready.  The welcome package I received is huge… over a 100 pages to read. 
There’s a 12-page Style Guide with do’s and don’ts.    Do:  Choose a simple all over color; avoid patterns since they “dance on camera.”   Don’t:  Wear shiny colors; matte colors are preferred since they are more flattering.    I have to wear long sleeves, short sleeves are a no-no.    If I choose to wear jeans, they must be a dark wash.    Jewelry must be kept to a minimum so it doesn’t detract from the presentation.   I am required to get a professional manicure (with approved colors) and I have to arrive 2 hours prior to the premiere time for hair and makeup.    I will be a true diva!    I can already hear myself saying, “I’ll be in hair and make-up from 2-4 and then on air at 5.” 
Most intimidating is the legal guide I’ve been sent.   It is 8 pages long and very specific.   All claims must be substantiated prior to going on air.   References to competitor products have to be pre-approved.  There’s also language I cannot use – words that are banned from the HSN lexicon.   I’ll be rehearsing big time for the next few days! 
There’s an on-air guest coordinator for me, too.   I can already tell she’s super – she’s emailed me coordinating our meetings with the Senior Producer, the TV Research Specialist, and the Buyer.  On Monday January 31st (the day before the show) I have an in-studio practice from 1-5 pm.   Thankful for that!
We are selling different bundles to the HSN audience.  Bundles include stampers and then either PSA Frenchie, PSA Cupcake, PSA Rosettas & a few other stamp options and ink options.   You’ll have to tune in to see!   We have a company goal of how many we’d like to sell, and of course, I have a personal goal to double it.  I’ll be sure to alert all of our readers when the time slot has been confirmed. 
For anyone missing "Thursday Product Reviews" - they will be back in two weeks! Projects are back tomorrow!


  1. Good luck February 1. Just found out about your products from Alex at You Had Me At Craft (blog) Your products are fantastic. I'll make sure to tune in.


  2. Good luck Libby! Hope everything goes smoothly :)

    Ashley "Scrappin' Pink Piglet"

  3. Awesome news! So thrilled that such terrific products are getting this exposure!


  4. Sounds awesome! I'm now a follower on your blog. I actually just received my stamp about a month ago or so and LOVE it!! I didn't realize that you can buy different inks pads for them and I'm stoked!!! I will be buying some soon. I'm going to try and watch this on HSN... Good luck to you... You have a great product to be working with.

  5. HSN is great and a great medium to show your products. I'll be watching! Good Luck!