Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3rd Birthday Party

Molly’s best friend from school Parker turned 3 this weekend and we were invited to celebrate!   I made some gift wrap to package some of Molly’s favorite Mo Willems books and designed some quick CD covers for my kids mixes.   Parker has been enjoying the one from the Easter Egg Hunt so I figured why mess with a good thing?  Books and music – a kid’s gotta love that, right?

Making gift wrap with your PSA Essentials stamper and Peel & Stick designs is so easy.   To make the wrap, I used:

·         PSA Stamper
·         Peel & Stick pack: Whimsy Cakes
·         A variety of PSA Inks for color:   Plum purple, lime green, grapefruit pink, royal blue, turquoise and poppy.
·         White poster kraft paper (Michael’s)

Start by laying out your paper on a large flat surface.   I used my dining room table.

I did three rows of one cupcake in each color.

The real advantage of the PSA Stamper is that you can do this within 3 or 4 minutes.  If you were stamping with an acrylic block it would take a lot longer to line everything up and get these crisp and clean images.   
Your hand falls into a natural rhythm while stamping.     Changing your ink is super easy, too.  Do you know how to do that?  Here’s a quick video tutorial. 

When it’s all dry, wrap up your gifts!  You can then add ribbon, tags, cards, after. 

For the CD covers I made, I used:

·         Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer
·         Bazzil Basics Cardstock
·         Marvey 2” square punch
·         Touch Twin markers
·         PSA Stamper
·         PSA Essentials Peel & Stick – Whimsy Cakes
·         PSA Essentials plum purple ink
·         Close to My Heart Birthday Sentiments
·         The Color Box Orange Ink

To recreate, cut the cardstock to 4.75” x 4.75”.   For the first cover, I randomly stamped all around with my PSA Stamper loaded with plum purple ink and a cupcake from PSA Whimsy Cakes Peel & Stick pack.   Then I colored them up with my various Touch Twin markers.  That’s it!    For the second, I stamped a cupcake on pink cardstock, punched it out with the square punch and adhered to the yellow cardstock.   Then I loaded my acrylic block with a birthday sentiment and stamped it in orange ink. 

The party was great!  There were tons of toys and activities for the kids, including a bounce house which Molly thought was the best thing ever!   There were different areas set up – a train table, a water table, an easel for painting, a play dough station, shopping cart and grocery foods, a picnic table, and a 4-wheeler that was a big hit.  You can see the kids had a blast!

Happy 3rd Birthday Parker! 

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  1. Great Wrapping!

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