Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Mother's Day Gift

My mother-in-law loves tea.  She’s the kind that has and drinks all types: Earl Grey, Mint, Sleepytime, Lemon, Green tea.  Name a tea and I bet she has it!  This Mother’s Day gift idea by Mae Armstrong would be perfect for her – if I could find some exotic teas and dress them up the way Mae has.   Check it out -  it’s a package of tea bags with custom tags!  

Mae started this project by cutting all of the tea tags using her Silhouette SD.   She stamped with her Asian Symbols – PSA Essentialsnewest Peel & Stick packs available only at Smithsonian Stores.  Then she used a embroidery needle to string the crochet yarn through the tea packet.

Loop through and knot the ends to secure the tag.

Mae also picked a favor box to hold the tea bags. 

After folding and gluing the box, Mae added a paper doily and glued it at the top of the box.

She also stamped a decorative tag from PSA Topiary (“Happy Mother’s Day") and Asian Symbols (the tea pot) and secured it with a three-ply pink crochet yarn.

Stuff the favor box and seal.

Mae also created a matching Mother's Day card to match the gift – how perfect!   

What are you making or giving for Mother’s Day this year? 


  1. Darling idea - I may need to scraplift it!

  2. that's tea-riffice. tee hee! it's a super cute idea and very sweet and creative.

  3. This is such a cute gift idea for a tea lover! Because of you, I have already decided what to gift to my mommy. I was thinking what should I add to the Amber necklace I have decided to buy. And because of you, now I know! Thank you for sharing!