Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sports Themed Birthday Party

Design Team member Angie Holden’s son recently turned seven.  Being the talented and crafty good momma that she is, she threw him a party to remember.  Since he couldn’t narrow it down to just one sport for a theme (basketball, baseball and football – he loves them all) she threw a general sports themed party.

She used stamps from UBU All-Star for her multiple projects that she hand designed.  This is the perfect set for someone like Angie’s son who can’t choose just one sport.   The characters are playing basketball, golf, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, hockey and more.  They’re so cute – and even cuter when you color them up or add a pop of color like Angie did with her royal blue ink.  

The first of her many projects were flags. 

To recreate these, just cut cardstock into triangles, stamp and decorate!  Then tape or glue onto wooden skewers.  Angie placed the flags into a cheerleader cone to decorate the table.   How cute! 

Here’s a detail of another centerpiece for table top she created. 

For a bucket that was filled with snacks, Angie cut paper the size of the container and stamped all around it.  She stamped from one of our collegiate lines Clemson in poppy ink, and then UBU All Stars in royal blue ink.

These are great ways to dress up a sports themed party, don’t you think?  Tomorrow I will share my favorite project of hers of all – it’s a happy birthday banner that fits the theme!  See you then. 

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