Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nurses Week

May 6th to May 12th is National Nurses Week! This celebration is designed to raise awareness and promote appreciation for the nursing profession and I am happy to take part through this post. I had Molly at Hilton Head Regional Medical Center on 8/30/2009 by cesarean because she was breech. For women who've had a c-section, I think you will agree that there's a real fear of surgery, of your stomach being sliced open, of your intenstines being taken out and then put back in.

I didn't do so well with the surgery. In fact, the anesthesiologist had to pump me with some extra anti-anxiety medicine during the surgery and I was so anxiety ridden I had a difficult time being joyful about the birth of Molly for about an hour. In addition to my marvelous husband, it was my nurse Ashley and Molly's baby nurse Pam, who really helped me when it was all over. They made sure I was comfortable, did all the dirty work, and answered all my questions. And I had hundreds of questions! Here's Pam and Ashley (and Molly and Mike!)

Our design team member Stephanie Jones created a few cards, perfect for sending the nurse you know and love. This one is a little sassy and funny! She stamped the lips from PSA Frenchie Peel & Stick.

Stephanie also created a "thinking of you" card, stamping from PSA Dare to Dream and Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty Garden Club. I like the patterned paper here!

Kelley Eubanks created this simple flower card, perfect for writing a "thank-you" inside. She stamped the flowers from PSA Cupcake Peel & Stick. So simple and elegant!

On this last day of nurses week, give a shout out to any nurses you may know and send them some love! I am off to see if HH Regional Medical Center has a Facebook page that I can wall post on and thank all of the great nurses at that hospital.

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  1. Beautiful cards, I love the sentiment of the first one! TFS