Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Top

We have a Thanksgiving tradition in our family where we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. Some family members go on and on gushing about their year, their spouse and their kids. Others are more subtle. Some family members surprise you with what they are thankful for – like when my husband announced he was thankful for Mark Sanchez joining the NY Jets. A variation of this idea, Mae Armstrong created a table centerpiece where everyone can write what they thankful on. I am calling it the Thankful Tree. It's such a beautiful idea and love how interactive it is!

To create the Happy Thanksgiving dangly pieces, Mae used the spoon and rooster stamps from Country Home Peel & Stick on pre-cut linen card stock sheets purchased from Envelopperinc. She downloaded the online template and typed "Happy Thanksgiving" across each square, then stamped the images. After stamping, she used Polymark dimensional fabric paint and added tiny dots to the spoons – just to jazz it up a bit. When they dangle, light catches the gems. After letting it the glue dry for 15 minutes, she punched and threaded natural twine.

When the images are complete, Mae added doily maple leaves (find them at Michael's). This is where guests will write what they are thankful for.

To ground her centerpiece, Mae picked up branches in her backyard and used hurricane candle holders wrapped with dark brown felt. She created some felt rosettes glued them on around the felt sleeve. To keep the twigs in place, she stuffed them with beige crinkled paper.

I love how natural and creative this idea is! And what fun it will be to read what everyone is thankful for around the table.


  1. what a beautiful project and a beautiful table set up!

  2. so lovely and a wonderful complement to the stamps!

  3. love this set up...makes for a beautiful table...
    thanks for sharing..

  4. love it! I am gonna use this to decorate a couple of tables for our church Thanksgiving banquet then take the written thanks and add pictures for a mini album.

  5. I love the Thankfulness Tree ideas! And, I love the little cards used to write on and hang up on the tree. Very pretty and very worthwhile to remember what we all have to be thankful for.