Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to get ready for the next holiday!  Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.   This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  I am cooking a turkey and doing a few (fairly ambitious!) side dishes, my parents and in laws will also help out with appetizers and dessert.   This is the first year I am hosting so I am breaking out all the fine china, crystal and fancy entertaining gear – I want it to be perfect. 

Though it comes second to the food, setting a beautiful thanksgiving table is also important when hosting.   I’ve been searching and pinning ideas on Pinterest.  Come check out my board to preview what crafty things I am up to around the house.    I am especially loving the thankful turkey, the garlands and the wreath.  

Jennifer Holmes on our design team had a great idea for a paper craft.   It’s a pilgrim hat!  She’s cut the hat from black cardstock, added a white trim and yellow buckle, and adorned it with a tag from Hello Kitty Trick or Treat and a stamp that says:  “thankful for you.”   This is a perfect addition to your table set up.   Place on top of crisp white napkins for a real pop. 

Find these Hello Kitty stamps here at Cyber Savvy Shop – for a limited time they are 25% off, now just $11.25!   

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