Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

What a special morning!  We had "Mom's & Muffins" at May River Montessori and I got to see what Molly has been working on at school, some songs they prepared for us, and receive a wonderful gift.   First, Molly showed me some language work.

I spied Griffin & Alex sharing their work with Amanda and Kylie, too. 

 We had our muffins and snacks outside.

Then it was time to sing! You can watch the cute video here:

It was simply adorable! 

I feel so lucky to have seen it.  Thank you to Miss Deborah and Miss Cindy for making it so special for us.


  1. So darn cute! What a lovely Mother's Day gift, the very best kind, right? Thanks for sharing.

    1. The very best! Thanks for reading Maureen!