Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Product Review: Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer

Last week I did a huge shop at Michael's. I was mostly low on patterned papers and cardstock, and I lacked a few really necessary tools for the craft room and my house. I purchased the Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer. We have a paper trimmer in the office, it was about $60 and it's so complicated with all different types of blades, ways to measure, swinging arms, and extras that I find it frustrating and overwhelming. The Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer is refreshingly easy to use. I'll categorize this tool as "essential" in my classification system. (Remember my thought is that all tools fall under one of three categories: essential, desirable, and extra.)

First, I must respectfully say that I do have one bone to pick with the instructions for setting up the blade. Have you seen the scene in the movie Zoolander where Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson are trying to figure out how to extra the files from the computer? Here's a refresher or an introduction.

So that was me trying to get the blade off.  (Not the italian part - that's all I could find on YouTube.)   The directions say: "Do not pull the cap off. Remove the cap by sliding it off to the side." Sliding it off to the side didn't work, I tried several times. I finally somehow ripped it off and cut the heck out of my finger.   It's probably more a reflection on my ability to read directions and follow than it is the product, but buyer beware!  Don't cut your finger like I did.

With that off my chest, there are so many positives to this craft tool and I truly think this is essential. There are two ways for accurate measuring and cutting. You can use the rulers on the top and the bottom of the base, and slide-out the paper guide. There's a quick cut method, too. Using it this way, you don't slide the side out. There's a blade magnifying window to see EXACTLY where you are cutting. The blade is extremely sharp and cuts quickly and cleanly. 120# cardstock was a bit of a challenge, but anything lighter was great! So smooth – the blade just glides through the paper. Instead of jagged edges or uneven cut lines with scissors, this gives a very clean and professional look. The entire tool is light weight and fits in my large tote lag. I can take it in my bag back and forth to the office.

The cards I made on the inspiration challenge Monday were made using the Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer. 

Tomorrow I will announce the winners of the Rosetta Peel & Stick pack and the Date Night Peel & Stick pack blog candy.   Check back tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for the product review. I will check this cutter out next time I visit the craft store.

  2. Great review!! and I'm still laughing over the movie seg. have not seen that movie!! Thanks

  3. Not really in the market for a paper trimmer at this time but this is one to check out next time I go to the store in case I find myself needing one sooner than I planned

  4. Ouch, I guess this trimmer can cut more then cardstock. just kidding. :)
    I will have to keep my eyes open for this one, my friskars cutter is driving me nuts, it seems to be uneven, it does not cut the paper straight, even when I line up the guides., the paper is never equal one both sides, very frustrating and wasteful.

  5. A new paper trimmer to try out! I like a lot of my other MS tools so this might be worth giving a go!
    Thanks for sharing...sorry about your finger though! :o)

  6. I just purchased the MS trimmer and it won't cut card stock without leaving a rough edge, like a dull cutter. I put the crease "blade" in and it didn't even make a mark on the card stock. I wonder if there is something wrong with the design of this one. I like some of the measurement features but cutting is most important and it doesn't do it.

  7. I tried the cutter again, it didn't even cut paper sharply, but it does cut skin as I too cut my finger both times I have put the blade in. Not a good design on Martha Stewart's cutter. It has to be returned :-(