Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nursery Wall Art - Animal Silhouettes

While preparing for Baby 2.0, I’ve spent hours pinning nursery artwork ideas on Pinterest.  Recently, I created a canvas but I am still searching for ideas because I have a few blank walls that need to be filled.   Mae Armstrong created this wonderful idea that’ll save you a bundle from purchasing on Etsy or any other store like I’ve been eying.  They’re animal silhouettes! 

Prepare the printed fabric by cutting them down to fit an 8.5x11 size.  Match the size to the heat bond material and cut both of them to size. Iron the fabric on top of the heat bond and make sure the iron setting is on high.

Clean and trim extra fabric.

If you have a Silhouette SD to cut out animal silhouettes, use that.   You can also download clip arts online and print, trace and cut by hand. If you have a friend that owns a Silhouette...kindly ask if they can help you cut the fabric because this project is so easy and addicting to make.

Arrange the animals on the poster size canvas.  Mae picked 24" x 23" for this project. Iron the animal silhouettes directly onto the canvas. Make sure your iron is clean, you don't want any stain on your artwork. You can also use a sheet of white copy paper to protect the canvas.

Mae created a banner style shape and prepared them using her Silhouette machine.   She stamped the corresponding labels using PSA Essentials Vanilla Peel & Stick Stamp Set. This is such a perfect font style to use for this project. 

Arrange the stamped banners before adding glue.  Mae likes silicone glue. It dries fast and easy to work with.
And viola!  You have stylish wall art - a great addiction to any future bedroom/playroom. Check out her son Ryan scoping it out!