Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nerf Wars Party

You’re invited [to check out] Gannon’s 10th birthday Nerf Wars Party!  This incredible party was designed by our design team member Jamie Cripps for her son.    She started with a custom designed, DIY invitation. 

Nowadays there’s a party with every theme.  But few parties are themed with Nerf Wars!  This very special and unique party by Jamie was a big hit.  And she spent hours crafting and making it special.   From the homemade table cloth, to the cupcake toppers, the drink holders, the banner, the goody bags and even the silver wear!   Every little detail was thought of.   Each guest had their name written on a nerf gun on a cup.

Cupcake toppers made these yummy cupcakes also look pretty.

She stamped from Skellanimals Chip & Friends by PSA Essentials to dress up ordinary cutlery.  She finished the stamp on cardstock by attaching it to a scalloped piece of cardstock.  It’s that extra touch to make it extra special. 

Check out these goody bags!  Complete with nerf guns and supplies – and a Skellanimals Chip & Friends tag to make it even cuter!

She even made a flag for the Nerf Wars! 

You may notice in the photos that Jamie made the table cloth.   She bought a thick white table cloth from the dollar store and stamped it all up using the PSA Essentials Vanilla Alphabet outer ring stamp and the poppy orange, lime green, and black inks.  She started by covering the table cloth in the black circles then cleaned off her stamp and moved into the lime green ink, then moved on to the poppy orange.  

It’s exciting that you can make a custom table cloth for any occasion in less than 30 minutes!   It was a fun party had by all.  Tell me, what do you like best about this party?  Anything you’d like to recreate?


  1. I love how everything coordinates! What a fun time they must have had. Your custom invitation is amazing. Can I ask how you recreated the nerd logo? Doing the tablecloth with PSA takes 1/2 the work out of it since you aren't constantly having to re-ink on a pad AND the images are consistently bright. Great job!

    1. Ha ha ha... I meant "nerf" logo! Silly auto correct :)

  2. Hi Denny! I agree, using PSA stamps and inks makes the table cloth go so quickly...I just love it. For the 'nerf' logo, I found a found a similar font then used inkscape to mimic the 'curve' and added in shadows all in a digital scrapbooking software. Thanks so much for you kind words!

  3. A great idea,I know my grandsons would love this. TFS

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