Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Switchable Middles

You've heard us use the term Switchable Middles to explain PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps, now see how our design team member Carey Larson shows them off. Carey created a cupcake package, perfect for bringing to a friend, taking as a hostess gift, or a get-well package. First she started with her personalized stamp. She has the Maegen one. The inner ring says "CL" and the outer ring says "Created with Care - Carey Larson." (See all custom stamp styles here: http://www.psaessentials.com/customdesigns.htm). She stamped the bottom of a cupcake holder here:

Using the same stamper, Carey switched out her middle "CL" design and stuck on a stamp from PSA Whimsy Cakes. So easy – now she has a cute label for her box of cupcakes.

Next she peeled out the Whimsy cake and stuck on a stamp from Smirk. The sentiment reads: "With a friend like you…who needs chocolate!" Her outer ring "Created with Care – Carey Larson" is intact and looks great with the new sentiment. This cute little toothpick flag can be stuck in the box of cupcakes.

With these switchable middles, Carey has endless possibilities with her stamp. She can stamp just about anything she creates with "Created with Care – Carey Larson" and personalize it even further with her inner stamp. During the holidays, she can put in Christmas and wintery stamps. During Valentine's Day, she can put in any of the Love stamps. We have hundreds of middles, so there are lots of ways to use it.

Here are some great ideas for your next custom stamp order, you don't always have to use your address on the outer ring of the stamp. Try adding a bit more customization with a sentiment. Then personalize even further with your middles. We are starting to get lots of orders with people's blog addresses. They are also great to stamp the back of your paper crafts with.
  • Made with Love – Libby O'Regan
  • Handmade with Care - PSA Stamp Camp
  • Beautiful Creations - www.psastampcamp.blogspot.com
  • Stamped by PSA Stamp Camp
  • A Card Creation by Libby O'Regan
  • Scrapped with Love – Libby O'Regan
For stores and where to order, visit: http://www.psaessentials.com/storelocations.htm.


  1. Nice post Libby...I can't wait to use my Rosettas, and I WILL get another set or two next month. Love everything I read on the blog...keep it up !

  2. Oh, I really love the stamped cupcake liner! May have to try that one myself one day!