Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Kids

For my goddaughter Ella's 4th birthday, I gave her a CD with music sung by Disney Princesses that included her name. Ella's Tea-Party, Ella's Fairy Wonderland, Ella's Dream World -- all the songs were personalized with her name. It was such a big hit! One of our PSA Essentials dealers, Cyber Savvy Shop carries this personalized Disney Princess CD and other great personalized children's music CD's. Molly would just flip to hear Elmo sing her name. 

Another great find at their store is their personalized DVD/Videos. You can choose from Care Bears, A Christmas Adventure, Dora the Explorer and many more! Upload an image of your child and it's inserted into the video so your child becomes part of the cast! Molly would double flip for this.

Cyber Savvy Shop is running holiday special sale prices on these CD's & DVD's between 24% - 35% off MSRP.  They currently have FREE 1st Class USPS Shipping on all our kid's music CDs, DVDs & Photo DVDS, and customers can upgrade their shipping to USPS Priority Shipping for $3.00. Purchase 3 or more CDs,DVDs or Photo DVDs and receive FREE USPS Priority Shipping. I think this is a super cool gift for kids!

We tend to think PSA Essentials as an adult product for our stationery and crafting needs, but it's also a great way for kids to personalize their books, artwork, school work and more – so it makes a good gifts gift, too. I like Nicolas, Princess, and Daisy style personalized stamps and all of our Hello Kitty Peel & Stick stamps for kids in particular.

Cyber Savvy Shop has one of the best deals on PSA Essentials personalized stamps. They are selling them for just $26.50. And all other PSA Essentials products are 25% off. They are also offering flat $7.95 Ground shipping on orders no matter how many items they buy; $5.00 Ground shipping on orders $50.00 & more, and Free Ground Shipping on all orders $100.00 or more. This is all within the US.

Molly uses any of my PSA Essentials stamps often – she loves it! Head to Cyber Savvy Shop now to check out all their great products and take advantage of their PSA Essentials deals.

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