Monday, December 19, 2011

O’Regan Holiday Cards – 2011

I ordered my photo holiday cards this season from Shutterfly. I was impressed with the quality – the matte finish and heavy weight card stock is luxe and the design is colorful and whimsical. Take a look! Molly is singing Jingle Bells on the beach in Cabo. (This would have been a great video!) She's such a happy child with abundant personality, I think that shows through in this card.

I spent some time decorating the outside of the envelopes with various Peel & Stick stamps from PSA Essentials, and my own personalized stamper. For the return address, I used four different middles with my outer personalized address ring - the "north pole" sign and ornament from PSA Vintage Snowman, and the holiday letter and the decorated palm tree from PSA Tree-O. I used my hunter & red ink to make it stand out. I had 125 cards to send out, so I changed things up with my middles every so often. Just because it's easy to do so and because I couldn't choose just one! Take a peak here - sorry I have to blur out my address!

Which is your favorite? The ornament surprised me as mine – I love how crisp and clear the cross-hatching is in the illustration, it looks like an etching.

I also ordered vintage holiday postage stamps from The Paper Nickel Stamp Company. Each stamp is real postage from 1963 and to 1981. It's a hoot to see how the designs have evolved over the years! Adding vintage postage stamps gives each card an extra special touch and really makes them stand out in a sea of bills and cards this season. You can order them too at:

With my PSA Essentials stamp and vintage postage stamps, these cards just sparkle! And even more so when the addresses are prominently displayed!

What do your family cards look like this year? 


  1. The North pole is my fave
    I just used store bought cards this year

  2. These are just darling! Molly is adorable!

  3. How adorable. Great photo and love how you Christmatized it!