Friday, February 17, 2012

More Organization...

I have a few organization projects that I have been wanting to cross off the list.   The first was finding a solution for all the post cards my parents send to Molly.    Semi-retired now, they do quite a bit of traveling.  From every place they visit, they send Molly a post card.   She’s amassed an impressive collection over the last 2 ½ years.  Instead of handing her the stack one day, I thought this would be a nice way to display them all.    I found these great albums which come free with one line of personalization at Exposures Online.

Inside I’ve filled the 5x7 photo pages with the post cards which she can read on the back through the lining.    My parents are great about writing in fun details of their trips, what they ate, what they were doing – and always seem to tell her how much they miss her.  (Funny… the post cards aren’t to me, nor do they ever say hello to me… ) I think this will be something really fun to look back on some day. 

The next project to cross off my list is a way to organize all the great stationery we’ve had as a family.   As I mentioned before, I tend to only order 30-50 cards at a time, this way I keep things fresh with new styles and pictures (when appropriate!)   I also wanted a place to put my wedding invitation, shower invites from my wedding and baby showers, and special events in our life like Molly’s Christening or parties I have hosted for great friends.   I went with a blue one here, and called it “O’Regan Stationery.” 

Inside, I filled the 5 x 7 photo pages.  The book tells a story without any words.  It’s in chronological order and starts out with my own personal stationery as “Elizabeth E. Cobb”, and quickly moves into our wedding invitations, birth announcement, & events to follow.   Take a peek inside…

As you can see, it’s an obsession I have with stationery.   What’s fun is that now that I know about PSA Essentials, my stamps can also coordinate with my stationery.  There really are hundreds of coordinating PSA Peel & Stick stamps to stationery, and it’s fun to match them up.   See the bottom right Easter basket invite? That was for Molly’s Easter Egg Hunt last year.   Perfect coordinating stamp from PSA Little Bunny!

I love the “challenge” of coming up with the most creative stamp for the stationery.    Up next is my St. Patty’s Day Party invitations!  I ordered them today.  Stay tuned…

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  1. Great idea for organizing your daughter's post cards, it's nice how they can be viewed from both sides! I also love your idea for the stationery binder. Now that I have kids we order a lot of custom photo cards and I usually get an extra for each as a keepsake. Mine are all jumbled in a box and that's a much nicer presentation.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great organizing tips! ;o)

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