Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Princess Party

There’s no avoiding my daughter buying into the fantasy world of princesses and fairies.  I knew I was in trouble when I was watching Kate and William get married last Spring.  My then not even two year old daughter was glued to the TV.   From then on, she sees Kate and says – “Mommy, look – the princess!”    In her new “big girl” room hangs mosquito netting from the ceiling, meant to go along with the garden theme of the room.   She calls it her princess chair.    When choosing her sneakers or jacket in the morning – she always goes for the pink shoes, and the pink jacket – glossing over the green or blue.     I just have to accept it and give in.   Maybe I will really give in and give her a princess party.   I said maybe! 

I’ve collected a bunch of ideas on Pinterest and Jennifer Holmes created the perfect invitation for a princess party.   Jennifer has stamped the dress, crown and ballet shoes from PSA Cupcake Peel & Stick stamps.  I just love how soft and beautiful this invitation is. 

Here’s the inside, it opens like a present. 

Look how she’s taken the time to color and shade the dress from PSA Cupcake.  Beautiful!

Jennifer created a card that corresponds to the invitation.   These are all stamps from PSA Cupcake – a great set for a princess party! This set of invitation and card appeared in Paper Creations Spring 2012 issue.   Be sure to check it out in print – it looks great the way the issue styled and photographed the projects. 

Now here are some of the ideas I’ve begun to collect for inspiration.   I’ve credited each source so you can read more about these amazing parties by these fabulous women.  This over the top pink candy display comes from Dollar Store Crafts.   I love the streamers in the background to pump up the pink!

I am taking the paper pinwheels and especially the ribbon banner as inspiration here from Hostess Blog 

I’d like to the balloons on the ceiling from The CelebrationShoppe and the giant balloons on the table here.  The little girls party hat isn’t too shabby either.   

I am also going to borrow ideas from this Pinkalicious party on How Does She Do It?   I just love the banner and the paper rosettes hanging.   (Though you will NOT see me doing nails for a 3-year old birthday party!)

It’s fun to start collecting ideas now.   Pinterest is full of great ones– are you following me on Pinterest yet?  Come and see what it is all about: Here’s to planning a great party! 


  1. What an adorable invite!! Love all the pink!

  2. So adorable! I love the pinks and all the girly-girl'ness! :)

  3. OMg this is so cute...I really love all the just pops!

  4. I love the princess party! It reminds me of what I used to have for my girls!

  5. What a pretty party and invitation!! I'm going to have to check out that cupcake set, it looks darling!

  6. What a pretty invitation! Love all the inspirational photos you found! Wishing my daughter was young again to create something like this for her! ;o)

  7. Stopping by from 504 all of the great ideas on your blog. I've had a PSA address stamp for several years...would love to add some of the new looks to my collection!

  8. 504 Main sent me :) Sure wish I'd have had something this precious when my daughter was a young dancer - adorable!!!
    Sally P

  9. Que convite lindo,as ideias apaixonantes e o carimbo de vestidinho de bailarina é muito fofo!!!Feliz aniversário cor-de-rosa!!!

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