Monday, April 29, 2013

Save the date!

If you read Friday's post, you saw some great wedding theme and venue inspiration.  After you've decided on the type of wedding you want (beach, destination, mountain, rustic, farm, formal ballroom, for example), you need to select the actual location.  But the location has a lot to do with the guest list.  Clearly you don't need a ballroom for 500 if you are only having 75.   So start by making a list. 

This can be one of the hardest parts of wedding planning.  When it came time to discuss guest list for my wedding, my mother-in-law said to me, "This is my A list, there is no B list." Turns out her A list was 75 people! Luckily I wanted a wedding with about 200 people so it all worked out.  I have heard other stories where brides weren't so lucky.  

According to The, you should follow these rules when planning your guest list: 

  1. Stay Mum.  Don't call everyone you know about your engagement because it prompts their question: "So when's the wedding?" and they assume they're invited. 
  2. Divide Seats Equally.   Bride gets 50, groom gets 50 - or whatever number you guys choose. 
  3. Don't get bullied by in-laws or parents.   Stick to boundaries once you establish them. 
  4. For co-workers or certain groups of friends, subscribe to the all or nothing rule.
  5. When you are over your limit, cut, cut, cut! Here are The's "rules" for cutting: 

  • Rule #1 If you have never spoken to, met, or heard the name of a particular guest, he gets cut, even if dad swears they're close as clams.
  • Rule #2 Anyone whose bedtime occurs before 9 p.m. will miss the cake cutting, so don't feel bad about nixing all the under-12-year-olds.
  • Rule #3 Single friends who want to bring a significant other only get an "and guest" if they've been in the relationship for a year or more (or live with the person).
  • Rule #4 It's your party -- if you don't want them there, don't feel guilted into sending an invite, even if you were invited to their wedding or they are friends with lots of people who will be invited. With a little bit of forethought, mastering your guest list is a breeze.

When you have your guest list ready, you can set your location and date.  Next you will want to order save the dates to get on people's calendars.  Keep in mind that if you send a person a save the date, you must send them an invitation.   Your save the date also traditionally coordinates with the invitation.   I like some of these save the dates found on Invitations by Dawn.   If you haven't heard of this site before, definitely check them out.  They offer stylish designs at an affordable price. 

Chalkboards are so in right now !

Old School - Save the Date Card

This is a post card style save-the-date!

Chic Chevron - Orange - Save the Date Postcard

Here's a save-the-date magnet: 

Filigree Crest - Save the Date Magnet

Also popular and trending are different shapes (not just a square or rectangular shaped card).  Like this circular shaped save-the-date card: 

In Tandem - Save the Date Card

Rustic seems to be a trend, too. 

Carved in Love - Save the Date Card

There are so many great options at Invitations By Dawn

Vintage Banner - Ecru - Save the Date Card
Of course when sending out your save-the-dates, bridal shower invites, wedding invitations and thank you cards, you want the envelope to be stylish and cute, too.   PSA Essentials personalized stamps make a great addition to your invitation suite.   Here's mine when I got married! 

We'll be sharing more invitation styles and ideas, plus discussing reception trends and top favor ideas all week long!  

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