Thursday, April 25, 2013

Personalized Nursery Banner

I wonder how many times I have written the word "personalized" in the last three years.  At PSA Essentials, we are all about things personalized.  Having something personalized (see, I am already up to three times in one post!) makes things more special.   More intimate.  Closer to home.  Take this nursery banner designed by Jessica Hill at Mad In Crafts.   Personalized banners to display in the nursery really make the room feel theirs and this one is beautifully designed and crafted.

Personalized Banner for a Nursery

Jessica has stamped "addie" using PSA Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps on white paper.  She's adhered them to larger glittery rounds, then even larger scalloped rounds and then tied together with ribbon.   Check out her complete tutorial on her blog.   See how you can make this as a gift or for your own little one!

chipboard flowers

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