Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 cards everyone needs

There are 3 cards that everyone needs in their arsenal – to store and be ready to send at any time. All the St. Patrick's Day, Singles Awareness Day, and even Halloween and Easter can be tossed aside until you have made (or purchased – your choice, no judgment here) these three cards. They are:

1) Happy Birthday. These cards are essential to send to close friends and family. Everyone deserves to get spoiled with presents, be taken to a nice dinner, enjoy a little cake and some R & R at least once a year. It's your day, no matter your age. I love Facebook birthday reminders. Last year, I had over a hundred HB wishes on my wall. The best though is a card in the mailbox. Cluttered these days with coupons (though I appreciate them) and bills (seriously hate them), a birthday card in the mail is so sweet. 1 card in the mail is better than 100 Facebook wishes – it means they took the time to think about you in advance, AND they didn't need a reminder from the Book. Here's an idea for you today by Jeanne Streiff.

2) Thank-you cards are essential. Probably THE MOST essential. If someone does something nice for you, you should thank them for it. And taking the time to write a note and send it in the USPS is special. Taking the time to create a thank-you card is extra special. Here's another idea by Jeanne.

3) Thinking of you cards are great because you can be thinking of people for many reasons. Thinking of them because they are going through a hard time in life – they just got some unexpected bad news, they lost a family member, got let go from their job. All obvious and good reasons to send a card. Or you could be thinking of them because they just got a promotion, or had a baby, or for no reason at all but that they are your friend. Thinking of you is probably the most versatile of all the cards you can have in your arsenal. Good thing we have the sentiment in our PSA Dare to Dream Peel & Stick pack! Another idea by Jeanne:

Time to get creating, or get purchasing! I think I will do both. What about you?

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  1. I need to get creating. Absolutely agree that Birthday, Thank You, and Thinking of You are the essentials.........everything else is just for fun, or special occasion, like Christmas. I might just drag out the Rosettas and make me a few essential cards this afternoon !

  2. I totally agree - these are the 3 most important cards to have in stock. :)