Thursday, March 3, 2011

National Singles Awareness Day

Did you know there's a recognized "holiday" called Singles Awareness Day? Sure, schools aren't closed, stores aren't running out of flowers and candy, and people all over the place aren't celebrating the day like Valentine's Day, but it is a holiday nonetheless. Established by a group of individuals who were tired of feeling left out on Valentine's Day, the goal of Singles Awareness Day is to let singles have celebrations, get-togethers and parties with friends and identify themselves as individuals. It's February the fifteenth and I forgot to post this great set of projects that day!

So, are you single? Send yourself flowers, go see a movie with a friend, get a massage, do some crafting, have a party, and do something that makes YOU happy. Heck, I'd like to celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Then I'd get to pick the restaurant and movie!

I asked Anthonette Chavez to come up with a few things for Singles Awareness Day. Up first: a card that you could send a friend today. Check out the detail, I especially like how she has treated the edges. She has a knack for layering papers to create visual interest. Great colors, too. Take note of her supply list, there are a lot of tools I covet!

How about this cute invitation? It reads: "Instead of watching the "Notebook", eating chocolate and lamenting about the lack of a Valentine, meet the girls out to celebrate being single and fabulous." She's used another stamp from Smirk and colored the girls up to bring them to life.

Last up is a Glamtastic card, which I think is perfect to send to a single and fabulous woman. My most glamtastic friend who's single is my sister-in-law. Anyone know any great single guys in New York City? Email me.


  1. Well, there are no great guys left in South Dakota, so don't come looking here. And even sadder is that the 2 reps who used to sell PSA goodies no longer sell them :-(

  2. Fun fun cards!!!!! I love the idea of singles day. Heck, I just love the idea of having a day to myself, *wink*!!! :-)