Thursday, October 13, 2011

For the kids this Halloween

Yesterday I shared Mae Armstrong incredible Halloween party– complete with cupcakes, cookies, pudding, and her amazing PSA Essentials stamped décor. Here's a bit more on those cute Jello-O spiders treats for kids…. They are sure to be a hit! 

Mae used baby food jars that she had saved up from her twins. (She has a lot of them, as you can imagine feeding two hungry and growing boys!) To use them for your project, clean them well and soak in warm water with soap. Scrub the food label, rinse and air dry. This project is great for your little helpers. A two-day project, it is a perfect way of teaching kids about patience! 

Prepare your Jell-O mixture and pour half way through the jar. Refrigerate to set the Jell-O. When that's set, add your creepy crawlers – like the Spider she did here- and fill with more Jell-O. This is also a great treat your kids can share at school. A snack with your very own insect inside! 
She used Skelanimals Chip & Friends Peel & Stick stamps – the spider – to stamp tags for the outside. This completes the "look" and unifies this great spidery theme. I can't wait to try this for Molly's school when I am in charge of the Halloween party! 


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  1. Ewwwww....Creepy crawlies in my jello! Love it!