Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recycled Magazines

Photo credit:  via Pinterest/ Girls at Lincoln Park 

In-Style, Harper’s Bazaar, Southern Living, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Parenting, & Us Weekly are my go-to magazines.   I go-to each for different reasons obviously.   US Weekly provides my essential fluff.  (A girl’s got to know what is going on with Ashton and Demi, right?)   Real Simple & Parenting are my mom guides, Southern Living and Martha Stewart keep me extra domestic, and In-Style and Bazaar keep me lusting after fashion trends I cannot afford.    But what’s a girl to do with a stack of magazines she’s already read?

Angie Holden had a crafty idea.   It captures two trends:  going green & the latest ombre look in fashion.   It’s a picture frame made from strips of recycled magazines!

Start by ripping ads out of your mags, then organize them by color.   Cut with your paper cutter or good ole fashioned scissors, and work your magic by gluing onto an old frame you’d like to repurpose.   Add the ribbon around the edges for a more finished look.    Angie incorporated PSA Essentials stamps using Smirk Peel & Stick.   She stamped Kick Ass Babe and Hell on Heels from Smirk Fashionista.  See all of our Smirk stamps here, they have real pizzazz.  http://www.psaessentials.com/smirk.htm

This is a fun idea, don’t you think?

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  1. Great frame, I love to recycle things into my crafts. Thank you for the idea!

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