Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Year in Review – Day 4

One of my closest friends got married this year. If you were reading this blog during Winter & Spring 2011, you saw many posts devoted to Susan's couple's shower, her Bachelorette party, her invitations, getting ready for her wedding and the wedding itself. It was SUCH a special event – not only for the couple and their families, but our group of friends because it brought us closer together. We had such a blast with all of the festivities, I wish we could do it all again! Here's a look back at Susan & Luke's wedding. Somehow, we managed to incorporate PSA Essentials personalized stamps into just about everything we did. We had one made for the couples shower, the bachelorette party, and I did her wedding programs with the Gigi "D" monogram set.

It started with a couples shower in February…

And then there was the Bachelorette party in Charleston in April…

I managed to wrap all of her gifts in PSA stamped wrap. 

This great party CD was stamped with a custom stamp: "The final fling before the ring, Susan's Bachelorette Party." 

We then stamped the entire town of Charleston, SC. 

You can read about her wedding invitations and her thank-you present to me here: Then there was a whole week of bridal, dedicated to Susan & Luke:

And then it was time for the wedding on May 23rd, 2011. Isn't she gorgeous?!

You can read the whole wedding recap here: Their wedding was surely a highlight for me of 2011!



  1. What beautiful pictures!! Loving all the PSA stamps :)
    received my PSA's yesterday and can not wait to play with them!!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Love the PSA stamps on the wrapping and envelopes. I also enjoy seeing all the postage stamps you use, I would love getting a card with all those stamps because my DD collects them.