Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Year in Review – Day 5

I found out this year that PSA Essentials stamps are great party favors. Though it was never the intended use of ours stamps, people just love being stamped and tattooed on their bodies! On several occasions for special events, I had stamps made for that purpose in mind. PSA Essentials stamps made the guest list for Jenny Smith's 30th birthday party in NYC, Ashley Gammon's 2nd annual 30th birthday party in Savannah, and a Britney Spears Concert in Jacksonville, FL.

In February, I was in NYC for Jenny's 30th.

I had a PSA Essentials stamp that read- "Jenny Smith's 30th Birthday Party". This is the Brooke design and worked perfectly.

Here are Katie, me and Jenny all "wearing" the stamp.

I'd say the entire bar was stamped by the time we were done….

That was February, so in March – we played an April fool's joke on everyone….

In June, we hit Savannah, GA for Ashley's 2nd annual 30th birthday party. Surely, half of Savannah was stamped by 4 am. Check out Ashley's bicep….

All night long she cradled her PSA Stamper like a baby…. And by the end of the night, I was kissing a fireman's chest and Ashley was faithfully carrying her PSA Stamper.

In August, Susan, Britt & I hit Jacksonville, FL for the Britney Spears concert….

We seemed to tattoo half of the city… almost no one refused us.

What fun times we had this year incorporating PSA Essentials into party life!



  1. Fabulous pictures looks like you all had lots of fun:) Sandra H

  2. Too funny!!!
    great way to get PSA essentials out there!!!
    TFS :)

  3. LOVE these stamps!! They are so fun!!