Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Modern Art

My parents are modern art collectors, so I grew up with an appreciation for modern art and works by Miro, Boisrond, Haring, Matta, and Britto on our walls.

I am a big fan of Romero Britto and in 2009, my parents generously and fittingly gave us this to start our own collection:

When it comes to modern art, some people don’t “get it,” as if it’s much easier to understand a painting of ballerinas by Degas.  That seems to make more sense than a bunch of circles, squares and lines that are seemingly randomly placed on a page.    Art is subjective to the person viewing it.   Art just has to make you feel something to be successful:  a jolt of sadness, a twinge of happiness, a surge of excitement.   The pieces that give you the strongest reaction – those are the ones I judge as best.   If you really hate a piece of modern art, I deem it successful - it moved you to "hate" something and evoked your emotion.  Art is a real passion of mine, I miss the days of art history, crits and studio time. 

Jeanne Streiff worked on some modern art cards for a publication call this past month.   This card plays with geometric shapes and patterns and inspired me to write this post about modern art.  She’s used the Hello Kitty stamp from Hello Kitty Garden Club and colored her up using her Twin Touch markers.

This triangle shaped, “Call me” card also plays with patterns and shapes.   The telephone is stamped from PSA Cupcake. 

What’s going on in the art world now?  Stay connected and scope things out with my favorite art magazine Blue Canvas.

 Online you can see current artists who upload their work to galleries, a community that votes on their favorites, and work that gets published and sold in galleries.   It’s a great way to stay current with today’s art world.   It’s a wild one!  


  1. What a cool idea, Libby! Love it and what a brilliant piece of artwork!

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