Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gender Neutral Baby Cards

One of the reasons I like not knowing 2.0’s gender is because I am not a big fan of baby blue or pink colors and you tend to get inundated with when you know.  So I love it when interior designs, clothing, and paper crafts are able to welcome baby in a gender neutral way.   Melissa Connolly created these cards fitting for either a boy or a girl.   They’re perfect.

Melyssa stamped the elephant from PSA Little Bunny Peel & Stick here.  She not only colored him up, but shaded him to give him depth and dimension.   I love the heart tag she framed him (or her) in.   The tile work of the patterned paper is graphic and bold, but the ribbon keeps this card soft. 

Melyssa has a talent for creating a suite of cards – they’re different but alike at the same time.    This time is no exception.  Here she stamped the dog from PSA Little Bunny and framed him in a start tag.   The papers are greens and yellows instead of beige.  

Little Bunny is my favorite Peel & Stick set to welcome baby.   PSA Carriage is also great! The design possibilities are endless here and they’re all adorable.   You can get 30% off this set at Cyber Savvy Shop right now if you are interested. Head over there now

Do you find it a challenge to give a gift or card when you don’t know the gender of a baby?  These two ideas are sure to help next time you are making a card.  


  1. Very pretty cards! Love the neutral tones!

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