Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Milk and Cookies Party

Our design team member Mae Armstrong threw the most incredible 2nd birthday party for her twin boys around the theme of milk and cookies.   From a homemade piñata to DIY play dough favors, a wreath for the front door, and baking mountains of cookies, cakes and cupcakes, Mae spent dozens of hours on this party.   Today I am sharing all the components of the party and over the next few days, I’ll share her tutorials on how to make different components of the party.  You’re sure to want to recreate some – if not all – of this party.    

First she created a front door wreath that highlighted the number “2”.   She used her PSA Essential custom stamp that she designed herself for the party.    

She stamped her heart out!   And baked her heart out!  Here’s the dessert buffet featuring chocolate crinkles, chocolate chip cookies, funfetti, boysenberry thumbprint cookies, cookie birthday cake, cookies and cream cupcakes, party straws and homemade play dough favors.

Can you see the blue cookie bag? Guests loved that they were able to bring some yummy baked treats with them.

Here are the homemade play dough party favors.

And cookies and cream cupcakes. 

The whole set up…

Mae’s aunt gave her this cookie pan from William Sonoma – it made an adorable cake!

Here’s the homemade giant cookie pinata with pull strings.

Here’s the piñata in action!

When it was time to eat,  Mae created simple table cover by getting a big roll of butcher paper and covering the table.  She a created simple place mats for each guest with their name and stamped it with the PSA Essentials custom birthday stamp.

Here are the party guests decorating their own sugar cookies!

The twin boys enjoyed the sugar cookie decorating activity! 

 Aren’t they just adorable? 


  1. Did a great party for the little man

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