Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Piñata Tutorial

What's a cookie party without a giant cookie piñata??  Mae Armstrong went online and didn't find anything that matched her twin boys 2nd birthday party milk and cookies theme.  So she made one!  Though it’s pretty time consuming (took her over three hours to finish), it was worth it.  Here’s how she made this cookie piñata from a recycled shipping box!  

Start of with preparing the basic circle for the cookie and cut a wide strip for the sides.  Mae got some craft wrapping paper materials from Target for the design. You also need  Mod Podge, scissors and paint brush for spreading the glue.

 Create and secure the sides with painters tape. At the top of the pinata poke two holes for the handle.  Mae suggests adding the handle first and then securing the sides with tape.  

 Leave a small opening. You'll need this to add all the candy inside the pinata.  

Cut strips of paper and trim edges to create a fringe effect.

Start gluing the strips of paper around the sides first and cover the rest of the circle. Mae used a paint brush to spread the glue on the card board. Layer the strips on top of each other and completely cover the cookie layout.

Mae suggests preparing all the strips of paper. You'll get into the groove and before you know it you've completely covered all of it.

Here's the covered pinata. She punched circle tags for the chocolate chip detail. She used black card stock. Glue circle pieces around the cookie pinata.

She punched two holes to create a bottom handle on to the opening of the piñata them added strings with stamped tags for the kids to pull.  She used her custom stamped PSA Essentials birthday party stamp and glued it on the strings. 

Here's the pinata action during the party.

Tell us what you think of this project!   I think it's incredible and shows a lot of crafty dedication.  Will you be trying it? 


  1. Yup....i'm going to my granddaughters birthday in just a couple weeks...i'm making one look like Elmo....thanks for sharing this is just fabulous...

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