Friday, June 8, 2012

Super Star Cards - Which is your favorite? & Win

For the last three weeks, I have been showcasing the Top 15 Super Star Cards of all time at PSA Stamp Camp.   In the last two years, I’ve posted nearly 450 posts here and hundreds of cards so it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to 15.   Some notes about my choices.

I tend to gravitate towards a clean and simple style.  I am not a shabby chic lover and don’t usually go for a layered look because I like things minimal, clean and uncluttered.  That’s just me and it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the talents of card makers with other styles.  Three talented designers, Carly Robertson, Melyssa Connolly and Jennifer Holmes have been with PSA Essentials since we started our design team in August 2010, so naturally I had more to choose from by them.    I couldn’t even get to all the ones that our talented new card makers like Vera Yates, Jamie Cripps and Regina Mangum have made for us.   I wanted to include more by Jeanne Streiff – but nearly everything she makes for us gets printed in CardMaker magazine and I can’t show them. 


Though it seems impossible, it’s time for you to choose among these 15 cards your absolute favorite.   What will it be?

#1 – I’m sorry by Jennifer Holmes
#2 – Miss You Friends by Kelley Eubanks
#3 – Joy Baby Card by Kelley Eubanks
#4 – Mr. & Mrs.  by Jeanne Streiff
#5 -  Thank-you Military by Tami Mayberry
#6 – Beautiful Day card by Carly Robertson
#7 – 1st birthday by Jennifer Holmes
#8 -  It’s a Girl by Carly Robertson
#9 – Ray of Sunshine by Jennifer Holmes
#10 – Home Sweet Home by Kelley Eubanks
#11 – Bridal by Carly Robertson
#12 – Shoes by Carly Robertson
#13 – Hi by Jennifer Holmes
#14 -  Many Thanks by Carly Robertson
#15 – Congrats Grad by Melyssa Connolly

Cast your vote now!

And don’t forget that we are doing a giveaway on Facebook.  Upload a card you’ve designed inspired by one of these designs (or anything you've done recently) and be entered to win.   One lucky person will receive 3 Peel & Stick packs of their choice.  I hope you’ve enjoyed Super Star cards! 


  1. #3 – Joy Baby Card by Kelley Eubanks

  2. I also am attracted to the clean & simple style.
    I'll vote for #3, even tho it's a difficult choice. #3 is definitely clean & simple, but w/ a unique shape & pizzazz colors.

  3. l can't cast my vote they are all stunning:)x

  4. My vote is for # 7 Because its super cute and my Daughter is going to have a baby on Sept. 25th. thanks for sharing

  5. love them all, but my eyes gravitate to #4

  6. So many great cards! My favorite is #13 Hi by Jennifer Holmes but they are all great. rlovew1976 at

  7. I just don't know. There are many reasons I like many of the cards. I like #9 because it is something that I could see sending my granddaughter. Hhe is so cute and is the sunshine of my life.
    I like #14 because with just color changes it could be great gift sets for others.
    Can I have 2 choices? LOL!

  8. They are all beautiful but I like #14 the best.