Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Blogs are a buzz with Halloween crafts, aren't they?  Today we're joining in the spooky fun with this really fun wreath by Mae Armstrong.  She's used our Skelanimals Chip & Friends and Jack & Friends stamps all over the place to make this cute wreath.

As Mae always does, she's given us a great tutorial so you can make it too!   

Mae selected four coordinating patterned paper, trimmed them in different sizes, folded them carefully and secured the edges with glue and topped them with buttons and some with a decorative stamped scalloped tags.  

 Here they are ready for assembly.

Mae used a pool noodle base for the wreath and covered it with black yarn.

She arranged the first layer of pinwheels on to the wreath before gluing them down.

 Then added the second layer and glued them down to secure their placements.

Then Mae added the two additional layers and added some spider webs around the wreath.

Making the pinwheels here is the most tedious part, but once you have those done, you are ready to go!  How adorable is this wreath!