Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Party Hat Tutorial

As I shared yesterday, Molly’s 3rd birthday party was Saturday September 1st and I created a bunch of party hats for the festivities.     These hats were very labor intensive and took a long time to create, but if you are up for a challenge – try it out!   

First you will need to download the template:, or click here below to make it bigger.   This is from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day – she’s amazing!

Once you have traced the party hat on cardstock, stamp whatever sentiment or design you’d like.  I used the “3” from PSA Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps.   THEN (and only then) can you form the cones.  Though the hats do have a slat for inserting, I recommend you also use a very strong glue. 

Now it’s time to make the decorations – this IS the fun part.   I folded tissue paper to about 2 inches thick.  Then I cut with my scissors just enough to fray the edges.   Glue on the hats with adhesive.   I used my Helmar Craft Glue.

Using my custom stamp “Molly’s 3rd Birthday Party” I stamped on construction paper, punched out with my 1.5” Marvey circle punch, then adhered it to a different colored piece of construction paper punched out with my 1.75” Marvey circle punch.   Then I added to a few of the hats using my Helmar Zap Dots.

For the final step, I added rubber bands so the hats will stay on.  I used a star shaped hole punch, and then threaded with different colored rubber bands.

The hats turned out great on the kids, don’t you think?  They’re a little homemade looking but I think that’s the point!