Thursday, October 11, 2012

A crafting afternoon

Molly and Connor were home sick a few weeks ago and we nearly lost our minds because we were so bored.   It’s tough being confined to a house for 4 days with 2 kids!  By the end of the sickness, Molly didn’t even want to watch TV or movies.   Laying in bed had lost its luster.   We had to find some other things to do… so as she felt a little better, we crafted!   Molly and I made a quick Halloween banner using our PSA Haunted Shack stamps while Connor looked on.   The focus for me was more on the activity and less on the end result, but it turned out cute and Molly is proud of it.

I started off by square punching four different colors of fall colored cardstock.   Molly then stamped different images onto them from PSA Haunted Shack. 

When we were finished stamping, we punched holes in each end (I had to help here…) then she threaded it with twine from The Twinery.

Connor looked on with some curiosity.  

And some amusement.

When it was all threaded, we hung it on the fireplace mantel proudly.

It was just a quick festive banner for the season that bought us about 45 minutes in the longest 4 days of my life!  I won’t ever forget them though… it was family bonding at its best.